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JP Fourie
AfBAA Board Member


JP is a 51 year old CEO, shareholder in, and the Executive Director, Aircraft Sales of National Airways Corporation (NAC), the largest General Aviation player in Africa.

With twenty five years of wide spread global experience in the aviation industry his personal and corporate experience ranges across international aircraft financing, aircraft sales, aircraft ownership and management, financial planning, investment management, risk coverage and brokerage. In these fields he was both awarded, and recognised internationally as achiever and pioneer. His varied background includes being fully trained and conversant with the FMCG environment, as a recognised holder of a Financial Services Provider license, and being a licensed Diamantaire. Besides his particular interest in the earth’s geology and our origin, he also has a majority interest in a financial brokerage and asset management business. Being an avid reader, and linguist helps him pass time.

JP is passionate about shaping the future in Africa through his involvement with AfBAA and NAC, and is an outdoorsman loving nature, mountain hiking, motorcycling, reading, scuba diving, flying, powered paragliding, breeding with Great Danes, and exotic parrots. He is the holder of an ATPL (F) and Commercial Pilot’s license with multi engine IFR, with Aerobatic endorsement privileges, on both the YAK 52 and the Extra 300 series with approximately 2200 hours attained on various aircraft – multi engine and turbines. Flying the Hawker Hunter rates as a particular highlight, that he relishes. As a past provincial sportsman he now enjoys finding secluded spots of natural beauty, and enjoying interesting culinary delights, with friends all over the world, preferably removed from the hustling throng.

His daughter Jinel is the love of his live, and they share a love for life, making sure that laughter is part of their every day medicine.
As a pioneer of cross border finance transactions of aircraft in, and from South Africa, the largest capital market on the continent, he is uniquely positioned to describe and outline the growth, change, requirements and challenges and hopefully illuminate the path forward in our industry. JP has been intimately involved as rainmaker, advisor and broker to various clients and operators with costing, acquisition, and deployment experience ranging from commercial aircraft, through to the latest high-tech business jets and helicopters.

Educated at the Rand Afrikaans University in Johannesburg, South Africa, Ashridge in the United Kingdom and the University of Cape Town’s Business School he holds several postgraduate qualifications, is a perpetual student and has attained and held numerous leadership positions throughout his life, inclusive of Student Representative Council Positions and as a serving officer in the SANDF. He currently serves as the Accountable Manager for FlyAwesome, is the Chairman of the Coves Aero Club, and sits as the presiding chair of The Coves Lifestyle estate’s, board. In conclusion, he is exceptionally proud to be affiliated with the African Business Aviation Association as it’s current Vice Chairman.