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Issa Zuriqi
AfBAA Board Member


Issa,  a Master’s Degree graduate of English Literature from the Damascus University, has held various positions in the flight support industry for over a decade. Having previously worked in customer relations roles for major corporations such as Jaguar he joined HADID, the region’s leading flight support company, in the same capacity in 2003. He quickly rose to the position of Regional Manager GCC, to oversee the overall revenue and performance of the company within the region transforming the organization to offer a wider range of services over a broader global network. More recently Issa took the position of Regional Director, Africa/Australasia, where his main role focuses on creating visions of new market areas and services. Within the aviation industry, Issa’s expertise includes relationship management, business development, planning, people management, talent sourcing and training. Issa’s responsibility within HADID is also to set new markets and create the new presence for the company in Africa. Armed with both aviation sector and African market knowledge gathered over the past few years, he has managed to open offices in Niger, Central Africa, Djibouti, and set up a physical presence in Congo, South Africa and Ethiopia.