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Wyvern Consulting, Ltd.

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Wyvern Consulting, Ltd.

Wyvern was founded in 1991 by Walt Lamon, a helicopter pilot from CIGNA Insurance. Lamon brought together a group of like-minded, safety focused individuals to create The Wyvern Standard, which would later be renamed The Wingman Standard, and opened an office in Palmyra, New Jersey. Wyvern began performing audits to The Wyvern Standard in 1994 and officially became the world's first private aviation audit company.

Over the last 25 years Wyvern has introduced multiple new products and services, endured more than a few mergers and acquisitions, continued to improve and evolve with technological advancements, and through it all has maintained a ‘start-up’ state of mind. With inspired leadership and a fabulous team Wyvern has grown from a small audit company into a thought leader within the private and business aviation industry.

Today, Wyvern's headquarters is located in historic Yardley, Pennsylvania and our team continues to be comprised of like-minded, safety-focused individuals. Wyvern is truly a global company with offices in North America, South America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, and India as well as numerous remote employees around the world.

At Wyvern, we work tirelessly to guide corporate flight departments, air carriers, air charter brokers, and UAV operators and end users alike in everyday risk management through our unsurpassed safety intelligence database, experienced auditors and subject matter experts, and air safety education to help them make informed decisions. We bring passion to work every day, we geek out together, and we constantly work to innovate our industry.

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