Rosa Rubio

Paisajes Gallegos, S.L.

Starting her career with Aviaco-Iberia, she retired with great economic profit in a staff reduction program. She would then move to the Madrid Arthur Andersen office where she worked at the marketing and communication department for a fruitful eight years. It would be in this time that she would write as an Aviation Journalist and Historian in Avion and AvionRevue, the most prominent Spanish Aviation Magazine. Later on she which would also publish the book "PRIMEROS VUELOS EN LAS CAPITALES ESPAÑOLAS".

Aspiring to better herself in her profession she utilizes her imagination in sales and is continuously innovating. This drive lead her to develop her own career in the field of corporate aviation, sales and marketing where she started her own business and in doing so joined Gestair, ALG, and later TAG Aviation and XLA Aviation as a Spanish Representative to perform Corporate Jets sales in Spain and in Western Africa. She operates with Class Aviation which is a Corporate Airline based in Mauritania - Partner and Commercial Director. In 2011 she bought Paisajes Gallegos SL, a small EASA Aerial Works Airline which specializes in photography. She is currently developing activities related to UAV's sales, operation and maintenance.

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