Nuno Pereira

Managing Director and CEO of BestFly

Nuno Pereira, Managing Director and CEO of BestFly, began his career in the aviation industry when he joined the Angolan Airforce as a cadet in1994.

Three years later after graduating from the Portugal-based Aerocondor Flight School he became a bush pilot flying a Twin-Otter for the Angolan Oil Company, before upgrading to a B727 flying relief cargo and diesel for Transafrik on behalf of the World Food Programme and Angolan Diamond mines. Experience with a mix of airliners followed, including time spent managing and flying the Boeing B747-300 and Tristar (L1011) fleets for EuroAtlantic Airways, as well as the Boeing B777 fleet for TAAG.

In 2003 he was lured into the corporate aviation sector when Netjets Europe offered the opportunity to become a pilot flying corporate and business passengers. He was one of the first NetJets officers to fly the Gulfstream IV on its introduction to the European fleet.

Even though he runs Bestfly, Pereira continues to enjoy flying and regularly pilots the company’s G450 and G550 on behalf of customers. He is also an adept aviation manager, as demonstrated by his initiation of the FDA/FDM (Flight Data Analysis and Flight Data Monitoring) Progam for TAAG Angola Airlines, which was one of the key factors in the removal of TAAG from the EU Black List in 2010.

Since launching Bestfly he has positioned it as the leading aviation services company in Angola, and has succeeded in achieving the coveted ISBAO Stage 1 recognition and is currently moving the company towards gaining its ISBAH accreditation.  Pereira was nominated in the summer of 2016 to become Vice Chairman of the African Business Aviation Association where he is bringing his international, and continental aviation experience to share with the growing membership.