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Litson & Associates

Litson & Associates is the pre-eminent aviation safety advisory and training services company in Africa. 

Advisory Services: We provide the most professional aviation safety and quality advice to aircraft & airport Operators and resource industry Clients in the Oil, Gas and Mining industries. 

Aviation Training: Litson provides professional outcomes based aviation safety training courses. Each course is designed so that course Participants will have the knowledge to 'do the job'. 

SMS: The central core of our activities is Safety Management Systems (SMS) simply because if an Operator has a fully functional SMS, the Risk in flight operations will be reduced to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). We offer professional SMS implementation assistance to aircraft and airport Operators so that the Operator implements simple bespoke systems to be used on a daily basis.

eSMS-Sâ„¢: Our unique, secure web-site based SMS-Simplified tool, makes the implementation SMS very simple and importantly very cost effective via a small monthly subscription fee.

Litson's highly experienced advisors and trainers are available to assist Clients who require solid aviation safety advice. Our specialists have spent careers directly involved with flight operations, flight standards, training, safety and quality management systems, safety auditing and assessing.

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