Letter from the Founding Chairman

Letter from the Founding Chairman

Dear Colleagues

Our journey into African Business Aviation began in 2012. We are marking our fifth anniversary in 2017, and it gives us the opportunity to review the progress we have made since creating the Association.

In our five years, we have achieved much, and brightly shone the spotlight on the potential for Business Aviation in Africa. We have generated collective energy, experience, and resources to support, improve, and fuel the continued growth of African Business Aviation. We have achieved this thanks to the participation of our members, increased interest from the international aviation sector, and the success of our growing portfolio of events. All have contributed to creating a professional, effective, credible organisation that is dedicated to upholding the long-term vision and values of AfBAA, and all those it represents.

To ensure this continued development into the future, we believe it is crucial that we continue to create frameworks on which the future of African Business Aviation can be laid out. The Association is committed to identifying, addressing and implementing solutions across a range of critical issues, which support the sustainable growth of our industry.

We are actively seeking solutions to simplify the aviation experience for Business Aviation users. We recognise the need to improve the quality of human capital through efficient access to safety management system information and specialized training. We will continue to advocate on behalf of our industry at national, regional, intra-continental and international levels. Most importantly, as business cannot develop strategy without facts, we will continue to identify and report on industry trends and topics

Everything we have achieved to date is grounded in our members and their interests. Without their support, we could not make significant changes to the African Business Aviation sector. We have built momentum and we continue to create better understanding of Business Aviation across the continent, and the value it brings to economies Africa wide. 

To celebrate our fifth year, we invite you to join us on our journey, and become a part of this dynamic organisation that aims to maximise the potential of African Business Aviation.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

With best wishes

Tarek Ragheb

Founding Chairman