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INTech International Ltd

INTech International Ltd. is a premier company focused on aviation and business solutions and regional investments in the Middle East and Africa. INTech's development and advisory services has provided value to governments, investors, private sector enterprises, public aviation authorities, and airport companies.

INTech has over 30 years experience in Africa. It has implemented diverse projects in the region in sectors such as government tenders, major development of airports, PPP mining projects, defense policy development, oil and gas setup support, industry and economic analysis among others.

Its Founder and CEO, Mr. Tarek Ragheb is a former Senior Consultant to Gulfstream Aerospace and a Senior Advisor to Gulfstream subsequent to having been Gulfstream’s Vice President International for Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has had a career in the private sector serving in leadership positions in major U.S. Aerospace and Defense companies and has held the position of Vice President for General Electric Aerospace and Military Engines Operations in North Africa and the Middle East.

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