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Crystal Ventures

Crystal Ventures Ltd (CVL) is an investment company established in 2009. The company is wholly owned by Rwandan business people who pooled resources together to meet challenges of economic recovery and take advantage of growth opportunities in a virgin environment.

The founders were among the pioneers of Rwandas private sector and took on the task of jump-startingthe heavily dilapidated private enterprise. Having made a few good investments especially in telecoms, the company earned decent returns that were reinvested to create what is now the biggest investment company in the country.

CVL ventures in unexplored high risk sectors that yield high returns but also present opportunities for social value addition. In the beginning the company enjoyed monopoly power in some of its businesses but over time this has diminished.

Today the company operates in a more developed and competitive local and regional business environment and it thrives on innovation, application of appropriate technologies and attracting the best management talent to stay ahead of competitors in all its businesses.

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