Alcinda Pereira

Began her professional career at the age of 17, working as a part-time meanwhile was finishing her academic studies.

Her family has always been linked to the aviation industry which aroused her interest despite having a degree in the field of International Relations. In 1998 got married with Nuno Pereira a pilot in Luanda Angola and in 2003 they moved to Europe and Nuno joined NetJets Europe, in 2004 an opportunity came up and She starts working also for NetJets in the Flight Support department and a year later in the Maintenance department.

In 2007 they return to Angola in 2009 they both open Bestfly - Flight Support to try to fill a very large gap that existed in providing services to the private aviation in the country.

They start the company with only 3 employees and to date has 254 employees working in Angola in various cities.

In 2012 they open the Aircraft Management side of the Company with One aircraft and now they are the largest private company in Angola with 14 aircraft in management operating world wide.

2012 they open also the first FBO in Angola and built a hangar that was finished in 2015 this facility is unique to the country.

BestFly is also one of the few African companies to be certified by IBAC as an IS-BAO accredited Operator and the only one in Angola.

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